Testimonials from People That Bought My Invention

Jeff in Rockville, MD said:

I bought the Paint Porter from the inventor's website. I could not be happier. I was looking for a way to handle both a roller and brush while on an extension ladder to complete a painting project that was taking me several weekends to finish. After searching far and wide on the internet, I found several possible solutions, but none of them satisfied my needs until I found the Paint Porter. (The Paint Porter website actually lists the competitor's websites!

The Paint Porter works just like the video shows--very easy and very convenient--it has made my painting project so much easier and faster. And it is very reasonably priced. I would think this product would appeal to the professional and amateur painter as it is that easy to use and a great time saver. I plan to use it for my other upcoming indoor painting projects this fall after I finish my outdoor "ladder "project.

Greg in Redding, CA said:

I broke my leg when a ladder collapsed on the job. I have been unable to feel comfortable working on a ladder since then. As home owner I have many paint projects. I came across the paint porter making it possible for me to use a ladder again I was able to hold on to ladder without fear; I didn't need to hold the paint can. I did jobs I feel I wouldn't do without this a cool tool that every home owner can use.

Denise Tacoma, WA said

I'm looking forward to painting my 100 yr old house using Paint Porter; it's an answer to a prayer. I was troubled with painting fascia and deep soffits from an extension ladder safely - one hand for paint can, one hand for roller. With the Paint Porter I can paint from my ladder, at my usual leisurely pace, without having to rent scaffolding and then feel rushed to get the scaffolding back.

Alex said:

I saw this invention while searching for a paint pan to use on a ladder. I actually used the Paint Porter to roll the lap hard plank siding on my house from a ladder. I can't think of an easier, safer way to paint!! Awesome! The roller gets paint everywhere I need it to. I hate painting and this actually makes painting fun! After trying it, I've actually pledged to finish all the painting jobs I started months and years ago. I highly recommend this product. Thanks.

Dorian Melbourne, FL said:

"I saw this on the show Curb Appeal. As soon as I noticed they were carrying the paint right on their body I just flipped!!! I can't believe someone else didn't think of it earlier. My biggest problem with painting is moving the paint and the ladder separately to keep from having a disaster!! I just finished painting my house, inside and out, and I used the Paint Porter for it all!!"

Keith Halonen in Middletown, CA said:

I actually own one of these. It's very handy for my big jobs like staining and sealing decks, when I have to wade through bushes and stand in awkward places. But I also use it for my oil paintings. I paint on hardboard panels. After I cut them to size from a 4x8 sheet, I sand them and then prime them with brilliant white artist's gesso. Big jobs or small, the important thing for me is no more can or tray to trip over and no more spills!  Itís a superior product for home use or professional painting jobs.

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The PAINTster  is a manufacturer of ergonomic paint tools for the do it your self, home improvement and home decorating market.  Paint Porter  makes the job safer and easier while painting the house on a ladder or scaffolding. Use Paint Porter with a paint brush or our Monster Cartridge Roller system designed for use with Paint Porter, for interior painting and exterior house painting; great for doing touch-ups. The PAINTsterís ergonomic products make home improvement painting faster, easier, and safer.    *


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