PAINT PORTER is an ergonomic hands-free paint carrier.  PAINT PORTER consists of a rectangular bucket (comes in three optional sizes), which is inserted into a porting platform with a hinging and pivoting mechanism (it’s gimbaled, as on a ship to keep things level) as it hangs from a shoulder harness.

What do you mean by Ergonomic?

ERGONOMICS is the applied science of equipment design, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.  PAINT PORTER offers economy of movement by providing an adequate supply of paint in a rectangular paint bucket, which always hangs level and secure from a shoulder harness and insures that the paint is always only inches away.  It reduces fatigue and discomfort by freeing painters to move about the job, climbing ladders and scaffolding with both hands free, and even to maintain balance with one hand always free.  No need to balance a paint can or pan on the ladder itself

What is PAINT PORTER designed to do?

PAINT PORTER solves a safety problem that has persisted for thousands of years.  People have been carrying paint up and down ladders by hand for millennia; this has resulted in pain and suffering, and even death for countless people over the history of painting.   PAINT PORTER with its hands-free ergonomics gives you freedom to move around the paint job with added safety, as well as to move objects out of your way with ease (“Painting just got easier”).  

PAINT PORTER provides a complete new painting method that mitigates the risk of moving paint around the job, especially up ladders. The National Safety Council reports more than 30,000 people are injured each year by falls involving ladders.  Ladders present one of the major hazards in construction work and their use is the cause of many serious accidents.

Osha has a requirement that at least one hand be free when climbing ladders and scaffolding.

1926.1053(b)(21) - Each employee shall use at least one hand to grasp the ladder when progressing up and/or down the ladder.

As a hands-free paint carrier, PAINT PORTER offers a method for fulfilling this standard.

How does PAINT PORTER make Painting Easier?

PAINT PORTER has been engineered to offer an alternative to both the roller pan and the paint can.  It provides a whole new painting method that eliminates the drudgery of moving paint around the job - it's convenient, efficient and versatile.

 To compliment PAINT PORTER and to provide the market with an alternative to the cage and sleeve roller, I created the MONSTER Cartridge Roller System.  The MONSTER Cartridge Roller System, with their plastic cartridge cores instead of a heavy metal cage, provides the greatest coverage, while maintaining a balance and lightness of weight; the elastomer handle provides comfort and contributes to the ergonomic design.  


 Convenient:    It's easy to use (intuitive), and entirely eliminates the need to keep track of the paint 
                          bucket  or roller pan.  Paint buckets remove easily and are easy to clean.

 Efficient:      Because you don’t have to transport a bucket or pan around, you can concentrate on painting; paint is always only inches away.  Dip paintbrush or roller on the fly, no need to keep track of the paint can or roller pan.

Versatile:        Mount various size brushes, or use it with THE PAINTSTER’S new lightweight MONSTERcartridge rollers.  With the addition of the optional paintbrush caddy, you can carry both a roller and a brush.  Also available are extra buckets, with lids– a 1gal bucket for roller work, a ¾ gal general-purpose bucket, a ½ gal bucket for brushwork.

What testing have you done to prove the value of the product?

As early as the first prototype my invention exceeded my expectations.  It maintained the paint container’s orientation in every position necessary for painting, except lying down.  It rarely interferes with the movement of the user through the job, including when moving objects out of the way and moving tarps around the space.  It allowed one to paint on the fly, no need to keep track of the paint can or paint tray.

Members of the Handyman Club of America independently tested PAINT PORTER, in combination with the six-inch Monster mini roller and the two-foot Lil’l Monster extension pole. More than 7 out of 10 of the testers approved the “Handyman Combo”; the products carry their seal of recommendation.

What is the MONSTER Cartridge Roller System?

The MONSTER Cartridge Roller System consists of a soft elastimer handle, with a 6mm metal shaft, that accepts a cartridge roller covered with a micro acrylic nap.  The cartridge roller with the micro acrylic nap is more durable than the traditional polyester sleeve roller and is “Tough enough for the whole house.”  With the micro acrylic nap you can paint surfaces that are semi-smooth to heavy textured with the same roller, no need to buy a roller for each application.  The MONSTER Cartridge Roller System with the micro acrylic nap, minus the traditional heavy metal cage, provides the greatest coverage while maintaining a balance and lightness of weight.   

Why is it called the MONSTER Cartridge Roller System?

It’s called MONSTER Cartridge Roller because they are the most robust cartridge rollers on the market.  With the name “Jumbo” taken and with the other adjectives such as “hefty” and “brawny” already identified with products monster made the most sense.  In the end MONSTER is the adjective that best describes these rollers, because they do a Monster of a job.  While testing the rollers I painted a three story and a two story building with one six inch mini roller and it still had some life left in it; guaranteed to paint an entire house inside and out.

The MONSTER Cartridge Roller System offers a plusher and more robust paint roller than any other cartridge roller on the market; this means it works great on different types of surfaces including milled trim.  By replacing the metal cage in the traditional roller with a plastic cartridge, the 6” Mini MONSTER Cartridge Roller System achieves a significant decrease in weight, it weighs only 8oz.  This reduction in weight, along with its elastomeric handle, produces considerable ergonomic benefits over the bulky tools designed for professionals. 

One end of the 6” Mini Cartridge Roller is covered with nap so you can paint corners with ease, saving the time of cutting in the corners with a paintbrush.  The acrylic Micro-fiber roller is versatile and can be used for painting semi-smooth to heavy textured surfaces without changing the roller.  These are robust rollers, so if you keep them clean they will last through the painting of the whole house, inside and out.

What are the Sizes of the MONSTER Cartridge Rollers?

The MONSTER Cartridge Roller System comes in three sizes:

The seven-inch 40mm MONSTER Major at only 11- ounces

The six-inch 30mm MONSTER Mini at only 8-ounces

The four-inch 30mm MONSTER Minor at only 7-ounces

The seven-inch 40mm MONSTER Major, the mightiest of the MONSTER Cartridge Rollers at a mere 11- ounces, compares favorably to the nine-inch one-coat cage roller, but at a fraction of the weight, it embodies the greatest power at the least weight

Both the six-inch 30mm MONSTER Mini and the four-inch 30mm MONSTER  Minor Cartridge Rollers have one end wrapped with micro acrylic nap; so two surfaces can be painted at the same time, great for things with corners.  The six-inch 30mm MONSTER Mini Cartridge Roller is an all purpose roller that weighs only 8-ounces and can used to paint cabinets, bookshelves, drawers, eaves, wood trim, and small and moderate size rooms, as well as for painting small to medium size houses.  Use the four-inch 30mm MONSTER Minor Cartridge Roller, which weighs only 7-ounces, to paint cabinets, bookshelves, drawers, eaves, and wood trim. Add the MONSTER Mini to the Li'l MONSTER  Extension Pole that weighs only 4 ounces and it makes a balanced system that weighs only 12-ounces and is easy to use with PAINT PORTER.

The heavily textured house pictured on the last page was painted with the six-inch 30mm MONSTER, showing that the rollers are “Tough enough for the whole house.”  This roller was cleaned up and is still good enough to paint another house.

Who is the Market for PAINT PORTER and the MONSTER Cartridge Roller System?

PAINT PORTER was designed primarily for the homeowner do-it-yourself market with particular attention to the female physic.  Women comprise the fastest growing segment of the DIY market.  A secondary market would be renters, construction professionals, property management companies, maintenance companies, municipalities and the military

All of THE PAINTster's products are designed with ergonomic principals for making painting easier and even fun.  This appeals to the homeowner looking for the convenience and versatility of using one tool for the whole job, as well as the professional looking for an efficient safer method for transporting paint around the job.

Monster Cartridge Roller System, a line of lightweight ergonomic paint rollers, has been designed for use with PAINT PORTER, so that it can be used in its full potential.  The Monster Cartridge Roller System provides an ergonomic alternative to the much heavier professional roller systems and eases the strain on the wrist while painting

PAINT PORTER also makes the job of painting more efficient, as well as fun; no need to keep track of the paint can and paint tray you breeze through the job.

My sales projection is based only on homeowner do-it-yourselfers.  The "Statistical Abstract of the United States" for in 2003 shows a total of 73,671,500 homeowners, if we get only three out of ten homeowners to buy one unit over the course of the twenty years of my patent, we would have average sales of over 1,1000,000 units per year.   When you add in the professionals, government agencies, municipalities and a few renters we could top 1.5 million units per year.  I believe that eventually a PAINT PORTER will be in nearly every homeowner’s garage, with average yearly sales growing to about 3 million units per year.

What is in the future for THE PAINTster?

Taken together with various accessories, there are a total of thirteen products in The PAINTster line. Other ergonomic painting tools, attachments, and accessories are in the development stage that will be added to the product line, including a configuration for carrying paint prep tools up the ladder.

PAINT PORTER can also be used as a vertically standing paint pan; I’m designing a clip-on handle for moving the porter around to make this a convenient option.

There are other applications under development using this method of carrying things on the chest. There will be an insert for carrying painting prep tools up the ladder and around the job; things like scrapers, wire brush, caulk gun and patching materials.  Also, an insert will be designed for sign painters and muralist that will hold various colors of paint, along with a variety of brushes

What is the competition for PAINT PORTER? 

The primary competition is the paint can and paint tray, both of which PAINT PORTER replaces.  Also, there are now three other hands-free paint carriers that recently came on the market.  One is a product called Paint Belt Pro that can be seen at http://www.paintbeltpro.com/,  then there's Pocket Painter at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AljY5QSwk4&NR=1, another is a product called Pouch Painter , seen at http://www.pouchpainter.com/ .   These products are not yet sold in stores (as a painter I’m familiar with what’s on the market). 

The above mentioned products are vastly inferior to PAINT PORTER, the placement of their paint receptacles on the waist compromises the ergonomics.  Also, the overall design of these tools limits their use to a paintbrush; it precludes the use of a different size paint rollers.  The placement of my invention on the chest is essential to its ergonomic potential; paint is always only inches away.  Accessing the paint is as easy as reaching into you chest pocket. Also, the shape of PAINT PORTER container allows for the use of various size rollers, thus making it very versatile.

By moving the paint container up to the chest or shoulder area many advantages are achieved.  First among these is that it allows the space for the gimbals to work, allowing the user full mobility while carrying the paint and the paint will always be level.  By moving the paint can off the belt area, as well as switching from a can to a paint delivery receptacle, you can reduce the overall profile of the wearer, which allows for easy access to all parts of the job.  Further, the upper area of the chest is judged to be very strong, and the load applied to that region should not be a major concern.

PAINT PORTER is the most significant innovation in painting for the Do-it-Yourself market since the invention of the paint roller in the 1940’s.  The ergonomic design offered by PAINT PORTER provides a patented new method for painting.

What is the competition for MONSTER Cartridge Roller System?

The closest competitor to MONSTERCartridge Roller are the rollers offered by Whizz.  MONSTER Cartridge Roller are superior to Whizz rollers as they are plusher allowing them to be used effectively on milled trim and other irregular surfaces; they are competitively priced with Whizz rollers.  Also, the clip for holding the roller on the rod is stronger with a better grip and does not allow the release the roller when lateral pressure is applied.

Why is the $9.00 Roller Tray Combo not the Competition for PAINT PORTER and the MONSTER Cartridge Roller System? 

As you look around the paint department to find what may be the competition for PAINT PORTER, the roller tray combo is the closest, but to compare the two is like saying that a Fiat is competition to a SUV.  Even the best of the paint tool combos is made up of the cheapest, flimsiest and inefficient tools available.  These combo kits are for those (non) painters who know the tools are going to end up in the garbage with all of the pieces stuck together in dried paint; the market for those combos is mostly renters who intend to use it one time.  Homeowners on the other hand have a stake in buying quality paint tools knowing that they will be used over and over again.


FAQ on Function


Why don’t you use a traditional two-piece piano hinge on PAINT PORTER?

During prototype testing we found that the two-piece piano hinge had a tendency to get coated with paint and loose it’s flex-ability.  So, we tested the “living hinge” to see if it could provide a satisfactory replacement.  We were willing to compromise some in the durability of the hinge to insure function, but to our surprise the “living hinge” far exceeded our expectations.  After over five thousand flexes and numerous applications of shear stress that far exceeded the stresses experienced in the real world, we could not get the hinge to fail.  The Sta-Klean living hinge is guaranteed against failure.

Will the Smell of Paint be a Problem while wearing PAINT PORTER?

While painting a room the air will quickly be filled with paint fumes, this makes any smell rising from PAINT PORTER insignificant.  The evaporative surface of the paint in PAINT PORTER is approximately 20 square inches, one dip of a MONSTER  Mini when rolled on the wall will produce a minimum of a 2 sq ft evaporative surface; this evaporative surface is nearly twenty times the surface of the bucket.  After you’ve painted a 10 foot by 10 foot wall, you will have an evaporative surface nearly five hundred times greater that the bucket, and by the time you finish the room you have nearly twenty-five hundred times the evaporative surface of PAINT PORTER; you can see fumes will quickly fill the room so ventilation is important. Also, the paint on the wall evaporates at a much greater pace than the liquid paint in the PAINT PORTER.  

Will Paint Spill while moving around the job with PAINT PORTER?

No!  There are two mechanisms that mitigate this from happening.  First are the qualities inherent in paint, paint is what is called thixotropic, this means that paint is non-Newtonian; it resist gravity.  Paints are a common example of non-Newtonian products with the paint having a high viscosity in the can, but becoming much more fluid when shear force is applied during application by brush or roller.  This means that paint will stay thick and gel like until it is subjected to a shear force, and is not subject to splashing like water.  Ketchup is a thixotropic food substance we are all familiar with, and you know how hard it is to get it to flow out of the bottle.

The second factor that keeps the paint in the bucket is the hinging and pivoting mechanism at the heart of PAINT PORTER.  This mechanism is what is called gimbaled, similar to what is used on ships to keep the galley horizontal while the boat is tossed in the high seas, keeping the cooking food from splattering around.  On PAINT PORTER this gimbaled mechanism not only keeps the paint from spilling when bending, it also allows the bucket to compensate for nearly every position the body takes while painting, except for lying down.

Why not Design PAINT PORTER to fit a Standard Nine Inch Roller?

As to the question of designing the PAINT PORTER to use the rollers already on the market, there are a number of reasons why this is not a good idea.  At the top of the list is the size of the bucket required to accommodate a 9” roller, the bucket would have to be 4” by 11.5”, with a volume of 1.5 gallons.  This means that if you wanted to use it for brushwork, you would need to carry around twelve pounds of paint; the shear size and volume of this design would make it impractical for all but the most robust persons.  The weight of the a 9” sleeve and cage roller, in order to work properly, has to be made out of such substantial material as to make it quite heavy, thus reducing the usefulness for the potential market.

Manufacturing such a product in the future is under consideration and will be called PAINT PORTER Pro; this would be for a small professional market and probably retail for about $49.95.  The present design of PAINT PORTER is a multipurpose tool that can be used for both a roller pan and a paint bucket, with the main target market the homeowner do-it yourselfer, with special attention to the feminine gender.  I believe that woman will be the main purchaser of the product; it will allow them to easily perform paintwork at their convenience, without waiting for their “significant” other to get around to it.

With this in mind I strove to create paint tools that can be used by a wide demographic and that optimizes the energy potential (ergonomics) of the user so that the greatest amount of work can be done with the least amount of time, energy, and risk. 



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