In March of last year, members of the Handyman club of America tested a combo of The PAINTster’s ergonomic painting tools.  We chose the Handyman Club because they represent the target consumers of The PAINTster’s products.  Paint Porter, our flagship product, was tested along with the Monster Mini Cartridge Roller System and the Li’l Monster two-foot extension pole.  The testimonials that follow are from the product test reports submitted by the members.

Mr. Rudy P Caruso - N Massapequa, NY

“This is a great idea.  The paint is always nearby and easy to reach.”

Dmitriy Kizim - Aloha, OR

“I would definitely recommend this product, by far it’s the most productive and convenient painting tool I’ve ever experienced”

Fred J Knipper - Sanford, NC

“Made painting a lot easier with less bending (less pain in legs and lower back).”

Richard Paoline - Cherry Hill, NJ

“It’s really handy to use, it’s by your side and I find it time saving.”

Travis Reed - North Canton, OH

“I think this product is a great idea and it is very handy when you are on a ladder.  I would absolutely recommend it.”

Jerald Blair - Duncanville, TX

“A handy and ingenious idea, nice to have the paint with you wherever your paint job leads you.  The paint roller is great and allows you to paint corners.  No need to go back with a brush.”

Melvin N Peterson - Sebastopol, CA

“The Paint Porter is really convenient in situations where you have to your hands free such as climbing ladders or painting around dormers on a steep pitch roof.  Safety is always a concern in these situations and the Paint Porter allows “hands-free” to safely climb and position you in any job.  I found the products overall design and features to be quite a time saving enabler.   I would definitely recommend this product to others.

Bruce King - Manitou, MI

“I enjoyed using the “Paint Porter” while painting the fence and porch railings.  Normally I would have to hold the paint bucket with one hand and this eventually leads to fatigue and cramps.  By using the “Paint Porter” the painting was more enjoyable and took less time.  Good Product!” 

Marc Dunbar - Vancouver, WA

“I recommend the Paint Porter combo pack for what it does for you.  It keeps the paintbrush and/or roller with you and turned up right.  It made the job quicker from start to finish. No paint can or tray to worry about keeping track of.  Clean up was fast and easy.  It packs away quick and simple.”

Mark Smith - Nashville, MI

“It works good on a ladder.  The paint is easy to get out of the bucket and doesn’t get spilled or stepped in.  Having the bucket come out of the holder makes it easy to fill and clean.”  One of the best features is the “paint roller with the fabric on the corners.”

Fred Hoffman - Spencer, IN

“The Paint Porter is a very well thought out paint carrier, it eliminates the paint bucket and roller pan therefore speeding up the job of painting, because you always have the paint with you in a very convenient location.  While using the Paint Porter it was so nice to be able to move ladders and tarps without having to move the paint container.  This product overall is a very convenient tool and easy to clean up.  The Monster Cartridge Roller was very comfortable to use and it had good coverage.”

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