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A Revolution in House Painting for the Homeowner Do-it-Yourselfer

Not since the invention of the paint roller in the 1940ís has there been an innovation in house painting that makes painting easier for homeowners.  Now, there is a revolutionary new painting tool that not only makes painting easier, it makes it safer and even fun.  Paint Porter is a new product that has reinvented painting for the do-it-yourselfer; itís is an ergonomic hands-free paint carrier that provides a patented new method for painting.

Paint Porter is designed for those who wish to do their own house painting, but are intimidated by the bulky professional tools that comprise the majority of the products on the market.  Paint Porter consists of a rectangular bucket with a roller surface, which is inserted into a porting platform with a hinging and pivoting mechanism (itís gimbaled like a ships galley to keep it level).  This assembly hangs from a shoulder harness to maintain paint only inches away, thus maximizing its ergonomic potential.  Ergonomics is the applied science of equipment design intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. 

Paint Porter offers a unique oblong shaped paint bucket that doubles as a roller pan, as such, itís compatible with the new lightweight cartridge rollers on the market.  With Paint Porter, you can paint the whole house without the need for a paint bucket or roller pan.  Painting with a roller pan and paint can is tedious and inefficient, as well as unsafe while climbing ladders.  A hands-free paint carrier is long overdue.  Dozens of hands-free paint carriers were patented in the last hundred years and Paint Porter is the only one designed ergonomically with the paint carried on the shoulder; a method claim was granted by the Patent Office for the innovation of carrying paint on at chest level.  Special attention was paid to make the finished product women friendly, as women are the fastest growing segment of the do-it-yourself market.  Here is what some of those using the products said about them:

Dorian - Melbourne, FL

"I saw this on the show Curb Appeal. As soon as I noticed they were carrying the paint right on their body I just flipped!!! I can't believe someone else didn't think of it earlier. My biggest problem with painting is moving the paint and the ladder separately to keep from having a disaster!! I just finished painting my house, inside and out, and I used the Paint Porter for it all!!

Rudy - N Massapequa, NY

ďThis is a great idea.  The paint is always nearby and easy to reach.Ē

Denise - Tacoma, WA 

I'm looking forward to painting my 100 yr old house using Paint Porter; it's an answer to a prayer. I was troubled with painting fascia and deep soffits from an extension ladder safely - one hand for paint can, one hand for roller. With the Paint Porter I can paint from my ladder, at my usual leisurely pace, without having to rent scaffolding and then feel rushed to get the scaffolding back.

Dmitriy - Aloha, OR

ďI would definitely recommend this product, by far itís the most productive and convenient painting tool Iíve ever experiencedĒ

Fred - Sanford, NC

ď(It) made painting a lot easier with less bending (less pain in legs and lower back).Ē

You can be part of this revolution by ordering Paint Porter or the Handyman Combo at, along with the Monster Cartridge Roller System.  These products are also available at the inventorís website  Soon to be in stores nation wide!  If your Home Improvement Store isnít carrying these products yet, ask the manager when heís going to stock them.


Inventor Solves a Problem Persisting for Thousands of Years  

Only a handful of problems have endured for millennia without a solution.  From the dawn of civilization the difficulty of carrying paint safely up and down ladders has persisted, but that problem has finally been solved.  Erick Taylor, an inventor from Oakland California, was climbing a twenty-foot ladder with a paint bucket in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, while holding on to the ladder with just his index fingers and thumbs.  With his heart beating from fear of falling he told himself ďthereís got to be a better way of carrying paint up a ladder.Ē  

As with many solutions to a problem, the answer came in a moment of serendipity while encountering a second problem that day.  When he was stretching out from the ladder to paint an eave, he was holding the paintbrush at the very end of the handle wishing he had an extension for the brush.  When he brought his hand back to get more paint he noticed his hand had assumed the shape of a gun, in a flash he realized the paint had to be carried on a shoulder harness like a gun holster. Later, when he had the time, he built a prototype that worked beyond his expectations. 

Thus, Paint Porter was conceived; itís an ergonomic hands-free paint carrier.  While doing a patent search, Erick was surprised to find there were around thirty other hands-free paint carriers invented over the last hundred years.  Looking at these competing inventions he could see why no hands-free paint carriers had ever made it to the market.  All the competing carriers were mounted on the waist like a tool belt or in the front like a peanut vendor, neither placement allowed the user to bend over and move about freely.  Mounting the paint carrier on the chest area with a shoulder harness allowed for the use of gimbals, a pivoting mechanism like that used on ships for keeping the galley level in rough seas, which provides the flexibility for the paint container to move with the user while staying parallel to the ground at all times.

With PAINT PORTER, painting is reinvented; not since the invention of the paint roller in the 1940ís has there been a new innovative tool that makes painting easier for the homeowner do-it yourselfer.  PAINT PORTER provides a patented new method for painting that makes it safer, easier and even fun, by freeing the painter to move the paint effortlessly about the job. Itís the definitive hands-free paint carrier; all hands-free paint carriers in the future will take their design cue from PAINT PORTER.

Erick Taylor, the inventor, laughingly said that instead of necessity being the mother of invention, it was her ugly stepsister fear that was the motivation for him inventing Paint Porter.  Right now Paint Porter can only be found at his website and at  He hopes to have it in paint stores and home improvement centers across the U.S. in the coming year.



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