Pivoting Clustered Hanging Storage Baskets



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Hanging Basket Unit for Storage in Kitchen, Closets and Garage, with Pivoting Action for Easy Access to Contents


Itís time for the ubiquitous hanging basket to get a make-over and improve its utility.  Hanging wire baskets are convenient in the kitchen for storing fruits and vegetables, but reaching into the basket to retrieve the items can be straining, especially for those who are height challenged.  How about changing the shape of the baskets from round to oblong, this would give the baskets a lower profile so the unit can come out of the corner and be hung anywhere along the counter convenient to the user. 

Replace the chain linked wire with a woven mesh material with good hanging properties, around a plastic oval hoop.  For added utility, a mechanism could be added so the baskets can be released to hang down on one side, making it easy to choose and grab your desired items. 

The plastic and mesh versions will have a tilt rod at the back to control the tilting of the baskets, as on wood louvered shutters.  Pull down on any basket and they will all tilt open. The flexible mesh reshapes to accommodate the new angle and maintains the support of the contents. 

The baskets could also be manufactured as a solid basket in plastic; the solid plastic basket version will have individually tilting baskets. The solid basket version has the added utility of allowing each basket to be removed for carrying to a work space; great for hobbyist and sewing storage.

With the added utility of drop down sides providing easy access to the contents, it is possible to mount the baskets closer together, this allows for the addition of a fourth and fifth tier, without substantially increasing the units overall length thus maximizing its capacity. Also the hanging hook can be made to pivot, so the units can be hung close together and then rotated to access the contents, thus maximizing the space

The original design of the hanging basket has graduating baskets, which provides an elegant presence in the kitchen.  The alternative oval plastic hoop design and the solid plastic basket version would all have uniform baskets, making it a handsome look for the kitchen, while also being useful for hanging in closets to hold various items such as belts, ties, as well as being used as a shoe caddy.  This alternative version will also find applications for use in storing things in the garage such as sporting equipment like balls and exercise bands.



Side of baskets release to hang down

Easier to access contents

More baskets in the same space

Narrow profile allows it to hang mid counter

Can be used in closets and in the garage 

It can also be made to retain the round shape for mounting in the corner